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The NCI Hearings Continue*

(National Citizens Inquiry)

So what have we learned from the past four years of fear and fabrication? If you have listened to even a smattering of NCI witnesses,1 you know “something is rotten,” (not just “in the state of Denmark,”2 but) in Canada and nigh every other nation. WHO3 knows, too, but it’s not confessing where the rot originates (or where or when it will next erupt), so it’s left to citizens to ferret out the decadence and expose it to the blistering sunlight.

The 2023 NCI endeavour was remarkable and will stand as a witness forever, but there is far more to the story, so NCI continues, and is asking for citizen input.* What more do we citizens want to know?

Here is what I want to know (italics), submitted today via the NCI survey.4

What topics / issues would you like the National Citizens Inquiry to hold future hearings on?
Hearing Topic or Issue:
Comprehensive data, province by province, of professionals who were threatened, disciplined, or lost their jobs / positions for narrative “offences”.
Why do you want this topic covered?
The public needs the shock of seeing a concise spreadsheet of those who lost and those who presided over such losses (e.g., professional colleges) during an alleged medical crisis. Yes, some losses have already been documented, but are buried in hours of NCI testimony (which is essential for the full record), but we need to solicit, investigate, and compile a concise spreadsheet of those who suffered losses for the sake of conscience. Please review my email request of 2024-03-11, 12:45 pm MDT.[5]

Hearing Topic or Issue:
How many professionals in each province who lost jobs / positions have been fully reinstated? compensated?
Why do you want this topic covered?
Professional Colleges of all types need to be exposed and shamed for their complicity in these continuing crimes against humanity. We need to concisely and comprehensively document and publicize as many of these losses as possible. Consequence must be public and severe or this will happen again. Justice needs to be more fully awakened and prevail. Anonymity must end.

What expert or lay witnesses would you like to have invited to testify?
Witness Name:
Every head of every professional college**
Why do you want this witness to testify?
(**and every Prof. College board member in Canada serving between 2020 and now). They will undoubtedly all refuse, but if these men and women realize the NCI wishes to speak with them about their decisions and actions, perhaps it will begin to work on their consciences and initiate a fear of consequence for past, present, and future actions. Exposure and consequence are essential for justice. Let the world know who they are and whether they refuse to explain their actions.

I realize there are thousands of non-professionals who suffered losses, but for now, we have to start somewhere — with the alleged power elites.

To readers of this post: please submit your own survey responses. This pursuit of truth, accountability, justice and judgment must continue if we are to have any hope of preventing a repeat.

* Copy of email received from NCI inviting participation

National Citizens Inquiry 2024 Hearings Survey
We are excited to announce that the National Citizens Inquiry will be hosting its first set of hearings for 2024 in Regina, Saskatchewan on May 30, 31 and June 1.
The focus of this hearing will be a further exploration of the government’s response to Covid-19. There is new information that has been revealed since the conclusion of our hearings in 2023, necessitating further investigation, consideration and recommendations. We look forward to continuing our mission of Listen, Learn and Recommend.
In planning for further hearings in late summer and early fall, we would like to hear from you on what topics or issues Canadians want investigated. In an era where the mainstream media is not sharing the truth on important topics, the National Citizens Inquiry has become an essential tool for Canadians to learn and to share their voices.
Very simply, we want to hear from you about the issues you think the NCI should be holding inquiries on and, who the NCI should invite to take the stand, swear an oath to all of Canada, and offer their testimony and let their voice be heard.

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2.A line spoken by Marcellus in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act I, scene iv.
3. World Health Organization
5. Copy of my email to NCI, 2024-03-11:

Greetings: NCI Commissioners: Dr. Bernard Massie, Ken Drysdale, Janice Kaikkonen, Heather DiGregorio; Lawyer Shawn Buckley, and other NCI team members, staff, and employees:
Please forward also to CIC: Ches Crosbie, David Ross, Andrej Litvinjenko, Preston Manning
On February 2, 2024 I sent an email appeal to the government of Alberta titled, “Another Open Appeal: For the Sake of Conscience” (full email text copied below*). Because no one has responded, I am hoping and asking if the NCI can take this on as part of its continuing COVID exposure? Can the NCI solicit, investigate, and compile a concise spreadsheet of Canadians (province by province) who were persecuted or suffered losses for the sake of conscience (perhaps with just document proof if video witnessing is too intimidating for some)?

Yes, many losses have already been documented in the 305 NCI witness testimonies, but many of the losses are buried in hours of NCI testimony (which is vitally important for the full record), but maybe it would shock the public into greater wakefulness if there were a concise spreadsheet of those who lost and those who presided over the losses (e.g., professional colleges).

Could the NCI create a printable resource that we could distribute requesting submission to the NCI of power and mandate abuse documents? Only a fraction of the losses has been documented so far. Could the NCI appoint a special clerk to collect and archive copies of letters / emails, etc. containing threats, terminations, de-licensing, censorship, etc.) and spreadsheet the results? Columns could document the name of the claimant, name(s) of abusing authorities, nature of the abuse, location in recorded testimony if videoed, city/province, reference #s of archived documents, etc. There appear to be tens (if not hundreds) of thousands who suffered extensive losses. Do we know how many professionals in each province were disciplined by their Colleges for narrative offenses?  We need to concisely and comprehensively document and publicize as many of these losses as possible. Justice needs to be more fully awakened and prevail.

As a blogger, I am going to start to extract this data from the Alberta NCI hearings to publish on my blog. Our professional colleges, especially, need to be exposed and held accountable so this does not happen again.

Thank you for your continuing commitment.
*Full text of Feb. 27, 2024 email to the Alberta Govt.:
Greetings: Premier Smith, Health Minister LaGrange, Justice Minister Amery, MHA Minister Williams, PSES Minister Ellis, CFS Minister Turton, Education Minister Nicolaides, SCSS Minister Nixon
Subject: Another Open Appeal: For the Sake of Conscience
If we are experiencing a shortage in any of the professions in Alberta (medicine, mental health, legal, teaching, enforcement, gov’t. service, etc.), have we inquired into the number of people of integrity who were fired, de-licensed, discriminated against, or forced from their employment or activities for the sake of conscience? The National Citizens Inquiry* revealed a shocking number, Canada-wide, and that was only out of 305 witnesses.

Until we clear out the fear and / or corruption within the Professional Colleges, we will make only halting progress toward recovery from an unsustainable, destructive, coercive health-narrative.

PLEASE solicit, investigate, and compile a comprehensive list of Albertans who were persecuted or suffered losses for the sake of conscience. Let the Alberta Dept. of Justice take this on by appointing a special arbiter to document the extensive losses to individuals and thus to Alberta as well.

We need to document and remediate these losses. Justice needs to prevail.