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The New “STD”?

Made a trip to the “big city” yesterday and what a difference from a mere few weeks ago:

● quota-ed entrance lines;
● lengths of crate and cart barriers;

● praise for our (passive) patience;

● miles of bright, new, neon lines everywhere underfoot;

● “Social Distancing”1 signs every 20/20 feet or so;

● gloved and arms-length service;

● hard-plastic cashier barriers;

● and on and on.

Suddenly, “Socially Transmitted Disease” — the new STD — appears to be the “forever” future.

Does it feel like an exercise in being PTSDed (Psyched-out by the Threat of Socially-transmitted Disease)? with cashiers and clerks becoming commandants (in training) to keep us behind, between, within the colored tape of social distancing? Just a few weeks ago, frequent flyers were the main obedience trainees of brusque airport security trainers, now every soul who ventures to buy groceries is being pavlov-ed — trained to keep behind, between, within the lines unless given the stimulus to do otherwise. Makes for a much more manageable society, does it not? And WHO wouldn’t want that? WHO2 wouldn’t do everything they could to achieve that? Just saying! Just observing!

1.  (though some orchestrators are regretting the use of  the word “social” and are now trying to transition us to the less triggering words “personal” or “physical” distancing)
2. Suggestion: checkout one of the visible WHOs aiding the hidden WHOs at Fauci Ignores WHO Boss Crimes Against Humanity (March 26, 2020 | Amazing Polly | Time 18:36) at
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