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The Newest Scapegoat: The Morally Contagious

The Newest Scapegoat
The Morally Contagious
The Un-vaxxed

Have you noticed how the newest scapegoat hype is heating up. Deep Global1 has forever set up recycling crises and then false-flagged some scapegoat to take the heat as THEY (preferred pronoun) work to burn this flawed (in THEIR view) blue & green, “3rd rock from the sun”2 planet into a wholly-owned, BlackRock3 asset. What’s the point (THEY tabletop) of all this high maintenance Nature when a head[re]set with virtual scenery, avatars, and non-polluting animals can satisfy the pursuit of happiness. Meanwhile, as THEY attempt a clean-up, someone must be responsible for enabling Nature’s chaos. Thus, we increasingly see exacerbating headlines:

Public outrage over the unvaccinated is driving a crisis in bioethics: Pandemic brings ‘unprecedented disagreements’ among doctors over how to triage those who refused the shot by Evan Dyer | CBC News | Posted: Jan 22, 20224
France’s Macron Vows To ‘Piss Off’ Unvaccinated With New Restrictions by Robert Hart | Forbes Online | Jan 5, 20225
● More below6 (watch for others)

Yes, in the mind of Deep Global acolytes with their unrelenting faith in Pfizer,7 those who will not acknowledge a mortally-flawed immune system and take the ever-loving shot are the cause of this unending variation on a theme. If the unvaxxed-anti-vaxxers would just vaxx-up, the newest immune [and power / profit] vaccine enhancement would prove efficacious and the Great Upset of the past two years could turn into the Great Reset of a New WO (as promised by George H. W. Bush8 and his Kissing[er]9 cousin).

In the further meantime, moral contagion must be deported.10 No tennis exemptions permitted. Deportation however is just a first resort. Everything else seems on the table: denial of medical care, denial of rights and freedoms, denial of necessities11 — sort of like those papal decrees of the Middle Ages:

We therefore SUBJECT TO A CURSE, both themselves [those deemed Christian (read un-vaxxed) heretics] and their defenders and harborers, and, under a curse, we prohibit all persons from admitting them into their houses, or receiving them upon their lands, or cherishing them, or exercising any trade with them. But if they die in their sin, let them not receive Christian burial, under pretence of any privilege granted by us, or any other pretext whatever; and let no offering be made for them.”12

By the same edict, it is enjoined that strict inquiry be made after these heretics, and that after examination by the prelates, if any be found to err in a single point from the Catholic [read Narrative] faith, they are, in case of persevering in their error, condemned to suffer death by the [Remdesivir, ventilator] flames, and to be burned alive in public view, while all are for bidden, under pain of the imperial indignation, to intercede in their behalf. The Emperor also by these decrees, so pleasing to the popes [read: pscience faithful], declares infamous, and puts under the ban of the empire all who shall in any way receive, defend, or favor these heretics.13

… they [non-Catholic Christians (read un-vaxxed)] were condemned as incorrigible heretics, and delivered to the civil magistrates to be punished. The King, at the instigation of the clergy, commanded them to be branded with a red-hot iron on the forehead; to be whipped through the streets of Oxford; and, having their clothes cut short by the girdles, to be turned into the open fields; all persons being forbidden to afford them either shelter or relief, under the severest penalties. This cruel sentence was executed in its utmost rigor; and taking place in the depth of [a promised Dark] winter, they all perished through cold and famine!”14

Well, the sad thing is, we have 11th Century people walking around in 2022 and they can’t tell a latter-day psy-op from a stage prop! We’re not even that far removed from the witness of other scapegoat atrocities, and way too many can’t seem to remember a thing about patterns, repetitions, and déjà vu.

And if we think these creators and castigators of scapegoats are just harmless, venting ordinary men and women, try reading Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland by C.R. Browning.

1. Deep Global: Those recycling Utopians who are or have been convinced that there is no end to THEIR genius-inspired improvements on God and Nature. They seem oblivious to the fact that most of what they are false-flagging God or Nature for are the corruptions THEY created or introduced with THEIR genius experiments and explorations.
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