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The “Penetration” of Canada

Homer Davenport | 1899
Repurposed by SMS | 2022

Some might call it rape, but Klaus Schwab prefers the word penetration.1 And if any one knows, it should be Mr. Schwab who exudes that WEF has penetrated maybe half of Canada’s present cabinet with Young Global Leader grads (not to mention all those other penetrated countries and corps).

So, no wonder that on February 14, 2022, the Canadian PM invoked the Emergencies Act with this CBC description:

There was no swagger from Justin Trudeau. He was at pains to explain that his government’s actions under the Emergencies Act would be “time limited,” geographically targeted,” “reasonable” and “proportionate.” 

After carefully listing the “tools” that would be employed, Trudeau made a point of being “equally clear” about what he was not doing. He was not calling in the military, nor suspending fundamental rights, nor overriding the Charter. He was not limiting freedom of speech or freedom of peaceful assembly.2

So, it appears from the toned-down language,  that in a weekend emergency war room, PM Justin Trudeau (graduate of WEF leadership programming,3 like his DPM Chrystia Freeland4) was reprogrammed from aggressive and arrogant to “reasonable, smooth, and congenial” (though congenial lasts in such abbreviated cycles). As (sometimes) consummate actors and script readers (except for leaking face-weather5), PM and DPM and their fellows in the grad-penetrated cabinet lead ever onward toward a WO they do not, in the least, comprehend. To the powers, these groomed (oft bumbling) YGLs are as dispensable as firewood. Burn bright for the cause and if one flames out, the ash-pit of history is the un-mourned burial, And as history also predicts, all the “was not/will not” assurances will soon become uninsured.

Then, once again, a week later (February 21st), another controlled vote. With all the penetration (and perhaps fear of a similar personal event), Liberals (158), NDPs (25) , Green (1), and Independent (1) approved the imposition of the Emergencies Act to persecute and prosecute peaceful protesters with masked. mounted, and monied power abusers. Here is the record of HoC vote #32: 185 yeas to emergency tyranny; 151 nays.6 The prior, courageous Joël Lightbound (of HoC vote 44/1/247) bowed to the party whip for yesterday’s HoC vote 44/1/32, and Mike Morrice (Green Party) took Lightbound’s vacated place in the ranks of courage.

So, as long as we pretend there has been no rape, no treason, no violation of trust, no violation of sovereignty, we, in Canada, will endure an escalating tyranny. We are full of double agents – yelites8 – WEF grads / agents working for a build-back-better world of: not communism, not socialism, not capitalism, not nationalism, not democracy, not even fascism, but a pretend public-private partnership where the masses are serfs of private corporate interests that are in turn servitors of a Utopian lord — an aspiring king of a feudal, robotic, global empire. Even Klaus Schwab, with all his honeyed words, does not comprehend: he is just one more fire log in the ancient, Utopian, recycling nightmare.

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Cartoon Info:
Homer Calvin Davenport (March 8, 1867 – May 2, 1912) was a political cartoonist and writer from the United States. He is known for drawings that satirized figures of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, most notably Ohio Senator Mark Hanna. Although Davenport had no formal art training, he became one of the highest paid political cartoonists in the world. Davenport also was one of the first major American breeders of Arabian horses and one of the founders of the Arabian Horse Club of America. |
Repurposed by SMS 2022: 1) “Rights | Freedoms | Security of Person & Property” replaced “Waldorf Astoria” in title; 2} added “for Canada (WEF project 33) under “CLOSED”; 3) “Emergencies Act, i.e., an ACT as in drama” at Newspaper; 4) “WEF” replacing “RAINES in bottom caption.

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Attribution: Homer Davenport, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Description: Political cartoon “Raines at It Again”
Date: 22 January 1899
Source: New York Journal and Advertiser, January 22, 1899, p. 17 |
Permission: Public Domain
Artist: Homer Davenport 1867 – 1912