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The People of Non-Consent

(copy of an email sent to many government and PH officials)


To: Public Servants [of Common and Constitutional Law]

WHEREAS there are thousands on thousands of science, medical, mental health, and legal professionals and witnesses* world-wide rejecting the control and fear-based narrative being perpetuated by public servants and PHOs to “justify” anti-social, anti-human mandates;

WHEREAS there are also hundreds of thousands of men and women in this country who know the science, history, and déjà vus of power and of power abuse;

WHEREAS public servants have a duty to be informed and to act lawfully;

WHEREAS no public servant acting as agent for a service corporation [government body] can treat another man or woman as property nor administer another’s property without right;

WHEREAS unlawful trespass occurs when people or property are interfered with, without their consent or their contractual obligation, UNLESS there is a verified, adjudicated claim of wrong or harm having been committed against another man, woman, child, or their property.

THEREFORENotice of Liability and Demand for Accountability are hereby given to all public servants exercising or sanctioning (by inaction or silence) abusive, unlawful authority.


• by not acknowledging the corrupting factors (e.g. gain & glory) in science, power, and politics;

• by ignoring or denying counter-narrative witnesses* and their prolific, credible data*;

• by knowing (or being negligent by not knowing) that survival rates* and excess-mortality* rates gainsay all Covid-19 mandates and pale in comparison to other health and mental health costs;

• by continuing to mandate closures and lockdowns that are known to exacerbate health and mental heath issues;

• by forbidding Good Samaritan deeds like feeding / clothing the homeless**;

• by perpetuating cruelties of isolation and separation from loved ones and others;

• by using PCR testing*** and case-counts with compromised cycle thresholds and questionable validity to “justify” daily violations of innate / inherent rights and freedoms of millions of man, women, and children;

• by continuing to rely on flawed modelling and testing;

• by closing or otherwise administering without right so-called “non-essential” businesses;

• by confining or fining men and women without a verified claim of trespass [wrong or harm] to another man, woman, child, or property;

• by sanctioning, recommending, or mandating experimental vaccines that are causing harm, and even death, plus unknown future complications;

• by representing to vaccine corporations that service corporations can contract for immunity from harm or injury on behalf of men and women who are not parties to and do not consent to the immunity contracts;

elected officials, PHOs, and their public service employees are accruing personal liability for massive amounts of trespass [wrong and harm] to men, women, children, and their property in this country and world.

That is the reality of personal accountability and liability. Consider1) whether this so-called “New Normal” is just the Old Normal of every tyranny that ever was? 2) whether this “New Normal” will birth a New Nuremberg? 3) whether fear can ever justify crimes against humanity? 4) whether there is courage enough to awaken and break compliance or covenant with evil?


People of awareness and integrity in this great country do NOT consent:

▪ to being treated as property of government or of any “fictive person / entity” or of any tyrannical man or woman;

▪ to the administration of or interference with property without right;

▪ to public servants acting as power- or puppet-masters;

▪ to being treated as animals;

▪ to being herded, tested, confined, fined, or e-tagged or chipped;

▪ to being tracked, traced, surveilled, or experimented upon;

▪ to mandates that suppress and / or compromise immunity or human sociality, such as masks, social distancing, lockdowns, curfews, etc.;

▪ to perpetuate or live the fiction: “This is to keep you safe and to keep me safe.”

▪ to the cruelties of fear-mongering and forced isolation / separation from loved ones and others;

▪ to the denying or stripping of innate / inherent rights and freedoms such as speech, assembly, travel, conscience, etc.;

▪ to the closing of churches, businesses, schools, cultural events, borders, etc.;

▪ to restrictions on weddings, funerals, singing, gathering, worshipping, socializing, rehearsing, performing, dining, recreation, peaceful protesting, etc.;

▪ to the denial of peaceful access to venues otherwise open to the public for conducting the business of life, health, etc., such as: hospitals, clinics, banks, pharmacies, libraries, malls, grocery stores, gyms, salons, restaurants, culture and sport venues, etc., etc. UNLESS the venue has a verified, adjudicated claim of wrong or harm against the individual seeking access;

▪ to censorship, suppression, silencing, threatening, or labelling of counter-narrative voices as dangerous, fake news, or terrorism;

▪ to forced experimental vaccination and / or gene therapy, or to constructive force through the denial of inherent / innate rights, freedoms, or access to normal life activities;

▪ to mandatory medical passports or their equivalent, including constructive compulsion through the denial of inherent / innate rights, freedoms, or access to normal life activities;

▪ to immunity contracts with vaccine manufacturers;

▪ to any and every trespass of body, property, or business, and to every form of power abuse or bullying;

THUS, We, the People of Non-Consent, require that public servants, their employees, enforcers, and spokespeople stand down immediately from: 1) the abuse of power; 2) the violation of innate rights and freedoms; 3) the perpetuation of fear-mongering and cruelty; 4) misrepresentations of corporate immunity; and 5) complicity with control agendas.




PS: A classic case of unconscionable, unlawful trespass of the body, rights, conscience, and property of Pastor James Coates of GraceLife Church in Parkland County**** has just recently occurred with accruing liability for his detention. Where is the jurisdiction to hold him or to demand conditions for release as if he were property? 


*Only a few of the counter-narrative voices out of many possible:

▪ Canadian Government Delays Mandatory Traveler Quarantine – #SolutionsWatch (James Corbett | 02/09/2021 | Time 36:25) at

▪ Canadian public health officials have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification performed anywhere, ever by Christine Massey, M.Sc., (exclusively for People for Justice Canada) at

▪ PCR Pandemic: Interview with Virus Mania’s Dr Claus Köhnlein (Sr. Sam Bailey | October 27, 2020 | Time: 35:45) at

▪ COVID-19 panic more dangerous than the disease, say Catholic philosopher, doctor at (PDF link to full article found in this link)

▪ Masks: The Science & The Myths (Dr. Lee Merritt) (Dr. Simone Gold | October 18, 2020 | Time 23:25) at

▪ The Truth About PCR Tests (Dr. Sam Bailey | Jan 12, 2021 | Time 17:42) at

▪ Excess Mortality – What You Aren’t Being Told (Dr. Sam Bailey | December 22, 2020 | Time 12:25) at

▪ Dr. Simone Gold : America’s Frontline Doctors (several videos) at

▪ Dr. Simone Gold 2020 Book: I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture

▪ Making face masks mandatory is not backed by science or law: Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms at

▪ Dr. Roger Hodkinson CEO & Medical Director – MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP (Dr. Marco Caravaggio |November 17,2020 | Time 5:02) at 

▪ World Freedom Alliance Stockholm Part 2 (Street Trooth | November 24, 2020 | Time 24:01) at

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▪ What NO ONE is Saying About the Lockdowns ( | November 24, 2020 | Time: 9:08) at

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**Feeding the Homeless:

(Seven examples from many in the last half-decade)

▪ Calgary police hand 12 more fines to pastor who feeds the homeless (Rebel News | Dec 29, 2020 | Time 18:16)

▪ Officials threaten trucker with ‘heavy fines, police involvement’ for feeding homeless during coronavirus” (Wimberly Patton | September 14, 2020) at

▪ Volunteers hit with hefty parking fines after feeding Brisbane homeless ( Nadine Carroll | 26 September 2020) at

▪ Canadian police fine preacher feeding homeless for ‘coronavirus health orders’ (LifeSite | April 24, 2020) at

▪ Feed the Homeless in America, Get Fined or Arrested (Stephen Lendman | Global Research | January 20, 2018) at

▪ Langley non-profits slapped with fines for feeding homeless in the park by Simon Little & John Hua  Global News | posted September 26, 2018 |

▪ Is Giving Food to the Homeless Illegal in Your City Too? Last week, a 90-year-old vet got busted by cops for feeding the hungry. He’s not alone (HANNAH LEVINTOVA | Nov. 13, 2014) at

***PCR Cycle Thresholds(Bold emphasis added.)

The FDA has given lab manufacturers a wide latitude in determining the cycle threshold cut-off number of their qualitative tests to determine positive versus negative. These tests were approved under Emergency Use Authorization and have not been subjected to typical FDA scrutiny. With this in mind, the state of Florida has required all laboratories doing COVID testing to report the cycle threshold numbers used in qualitative and quantitative tests.

So how does a qualitative RT-PCR test work? Basically, the manufacturer sets the test to turn off the cycling or amplification process when a certain number is hit. For a qualitative test set at 40, after 40 amplification cycles, if any viral material is detected, it turns off and is reported as positive. If none is detected, it would be reported as negative. If the number of amplification cycles was really 15 or 25, it would still run until it gets to 40 and be reported as positive.

With these type of tests, it’s critical to use an agreed-upon cycle threshold value such as 33 (CDC) or 35 (Dr. Fauci) rather than setting it at a potentially misleading 40 or 45. Many of the current tests in use are preset by the manufacturer to these higher numbers.

The World Health Organization issued a notice last week telling the labs “the cut-off should be manually adjusted to ensure that specimens with high Ct values are not incorrectly assigned SARS-CoV-2 detected due to background noise.” Could this be a reason why many people test positive but remain asymptomatic? In that same memo, WHO said all labs should report the cycle threshold value to treating physicians.” at

****GraceLife Church

(Since censorship is escalating rapidly, some of these links could go dark at any time, but might be found by searching on other platforms.)