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The Price of R.I.C.E.

(inspired by Andrew Bustamante1 as first seen on The Duke Report2

If we want to understand how and why our nations have descended so far into corruption and the escalating collapse of rights and freedoms, we should probably look at R.I.C.E. and ask:

1) Does R.I.C.E. explain the advocacy of destructive, deceptive, divisive, domineering actions and perspectives of peoples and leaders?
2) Am I facilitating the R.I.C.E.-driven decline?

So what is R.I.C.E.? It’s an acronym for the “four core motivations of human behavior.” It memorializes “the essence of motivation and manipulation” used not only by intelligence agencies, but by individuals, groups, organizations, and governments when pursuing both overt and covert agendas.


Go to the bold minute markers in footnotes 1 or 2 below to hear a brief overview of R.I.C.E. Does R.I.C.E. explain the destructive proliferation of isms in our present world? Fwokism,3 Fascism, Socialism, Communism, Cultural Maoism,4 etc. etc.? not to mention the motivations and manipulations of plandemics? of the pursuit-and-protection-of-power? of propaganda? of wars?

What is the price of R.I.C.E. when used to corrupt? It may entail the complete collapse of societies and nations unless we reject the R.I.C.E. of social / power consensus5 and self-centrism.6

The freedom to pursue Truth for its own sake without the corrupting motivations and manipulations of R.I.C.E. is our transcendent hope.7

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1. CIA Spy: “Leave The USA Before 2030!” Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Gut! – Andrew Bustamante
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2. The Duke Report: Faust vs. Anti-Faust (The Duke Report | Apr 9, 2024 | 1:14:50 min; Bustamante portion: start at 39:30 min.) at
Duke has mentioned these motivations and manipulations in previous broadcasts as M.I.C.E.: Money, Ideology, Corruption, and Ego.
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