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The Real Donald*?

Do actions speak louder than words? I suppose time will tell as it always has throughout history, but what if we could discern real intentions, real beliefs, real personality behind entrancing words without having to wait for the passage of time to confirm their trueness through action? What if, in this age of image, spectacle, manipulation, and propaganda we had a way to measure sincerity? Perhaps it would prove an imperfect measure, but a beginning.

So, if an impressive, inspiring, value-laden speech1 is delivered in a robotic, passionless voice, what should we make of it? Should we be cautious and cognizant of potential inversions when it comes time for action? time for truly defending Constitutional values and the Bill of Rights? How skeptical should we be, especially when contrasting the inspiring words with spontaneous, vigorous, unscripted words that contradict the claimed values or that foster conflict, confusion, misunderstanding, and are oft-filled with insults and disparagements? How do we distinguish myth-making (-wishing?) from reality?

So who is the real Donald Trump?

The Scripted1 Voice?

President Trump addresses U.N. General Assembly – FULL SPEECH
(C-SPAN: Sept. 24, 2019, Time 37:11) at

The Unscripted Voice?

(Via his own words, delivery, self-promotion!) (Note: try to ignore the presenter’s bias in video titles and commentary, but listen carefully to the revelations of character in Trump’s own words.)

“I DEFEATED ISIS”: President Trump during Keep America Great rally in Kentucky
(Fox 10 Phoenix: Nov. 4, 2019, Time 3:32) at

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How can we ignore the contrasts? Do we not remember where hero worship and blind loyalty always lead?

* Donald is a masculine given name derived from the Gaelic name Dòmhnall.[1] This comes from the Proto-Celtic *Dumno-ualos (“world-ruler” or “world-wielder”). (Source: ; bold emphasis added.)
Donald; Meaning and History: From the Gaelic name Domhnall meaning “ruler of the world”, composed of the old Celtic elements dumno “world” and val “rule”. This was the name of two 9th-century kings of the Scots and Picts. (Source: ; bold emphasis added.)

1. (i..e., being generally written by gifted speech writers easily discernible when compared to the natural, spontaneous speech patterns of the speaker)