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The Real Truth? POEC* or NCI**

We Decide

*POEC: Public Order Emergency Commission (investigation 2022; report 2023)1
**NCI: National Citizens’ Inquiry (investigation: 2023; report forthcoming)2

Well, folks, within a few months, WE The People will have the Citizens’ Report — the side of the story we had hoped (in vain) to hear during the POEC hearings (Fall 2022), but alas, during POEC, gov’t. power, control, and propaganda prevailed as it frequently does. So if you are craving a dose of truth (and even if you’re not), you should begin preparing for the National Citizens’ Report by going to or and poring over the numerous witness accounts. (Apparently YT isn’t into citizen-based truth, so its website has its arbitrary limits and restraints.3)

But how, you might ask, are WE to tell who is telling the truth? Perhaps we could begin by listening to the consequence portion (of truth and consequence) for those witnesses countering power narratives. What have they risk or lost? Another clue is perceiving who is praised and who is maligned by the MSM narrative-groupies.

So let us help counter the politicized, propagandized science (aka: pscience). Let us spread the witness far and wide: “The Citizens are coming! The Citizens are coming!” with FACTS and DATA exposing the great, continuing deception of “Safe and Effective.”

Is this not a duty that we owe to our fellow men, women, and children — not to mention all those servants of We The People who have forgotten who they are and what their duty is?

At the least, let us do our civic duty to spread the words of NCI.

P.S.: Here is the brief email I sent today to every Alberta MLA and MP (plus PM, DPM. CdnHM), plus County Officials and Alberta Medical Assoc. with the subject line:
“Safe and Effective” Liability?  [except for the County: “Safe and Effective” Disclosures]

If any are still believing or espousing the “safe and effective” mantra, it would be advisable to spend many hours here:
or here:
in preparation for the release of the National Citizens’ Inquiry report. The interim report* released September 14, 2023 should alert every advocate of “safe and effective.” NCI witnesses disclose the science that will, undoubtedly, be used in coming months to prove remediation for harms and injuries.

SM Smith

Perhaps readers of this blog post from other regions could send something similar to their officials to raise awareness of NCI. Most email addresses are easily extracted from government websites.

Update: the 28 emails to the Alberta Medical Assoc. doctors and administration were rejected with this message: “Your message wasn’t delivered because the recipient’s email provider rejected it.” This 3rd email over the past 3 years, was one too many, I guess.

1. POEC (Government):
2. NCI (WE the People):
3. ▪ (older \ now restricted by YT)
“Our account has been restricted for 7 days – we will be live streaming the Toronto hearings on our other social media platforms, and at
See also:
▪ Canada, National Citizens Inquiry
(Dr. John Campbell | Sep 19, 2023 | Time 24:03) at