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The TEN DICTATES (& Natural Selections) of the Laissez-faire Market-Place

1. Thou shalt have no other economic theories before you.[1]
2. Thou shalt[2] research, develop, and manufacture goods and services, but above all, the DESIRE for goods and services; and NEVER bow to any attempts to regulate the natural order (and flow) of desire and laissez-faire markets.
3. Thou shalt not permit critics of the laissez-faire market-place to remain guiltless and uncastigated.
4. Remember the seven holy days of the market-place are scarcely enough.
5. Thou shalt honor Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman as principal advocates of self-interest, meritocracy, and pure and free-markets.
6. Thou shalt kill the competition (before they kill you).
7. Thou shalt acquire, merge, and control as many businesses and assets as possible.[3]
8. Thou shalt steal trade secrets, market share, insider information, and anything else that thou canst reasonably expect to get away with.
9. Thou shalt bear false witness whenever brand or corporate respectability are at risk.
10. Thou shalt covet all that is thy neighbors,[4] for only in this way can there be eternal growth, profit, and prosperity.
[1] Yea, NOT EVEN a mix; except during unexpected crises when public assistance is temporarily necessary.
[2] With all thy heart, might, mind, and strength
[3] Déjà vu: Ahab v. Naboth (1 Kings 21)
[4] (corporate or not) including secret government subsidies, earmarks, preferential loans, favors, favoritism, special legislation, private ownership of public assets, perks, status, etc., etc., etc..