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The Way of Fame?

Sell my soul? My true crossroads story. (Time 26:38) at

How many of those who take the fame-bait become our beloved idols? our SuperStars? yet in reality, are secret-covenant slaves? From minor actors to mega-stars, how often do we see the tragedies of fame leak out in fits and starts of bizarre behaviors and addictions? Could many of these star aberrations be trauma-based mind-kontrol glitches? attempts to endure the unendurable? to survive demeaning, behind-the-scenes demands of handlers, masters, “owners”?

In Hollywood and other fame-factories, power domination has always been an open secret—just like Harvey Weinstein1 (and dozens of other master-moguls whose names remain yet suppressed). So perhaps gifted “stars” are not really spoiled narcissists, but are pawns caught up in a psychopathic system from which there is no easy escape? What if their gifts and other uses are fine-tuned through MK-Ultra “training” where they play the parts they were (tortured? infused?) programmed for until someone or something breaks? like Allison Mack2? like NXIVM3? like hundreds who are yet to be revealed / exposed?

Can we also learn something from the following presenter about the presence of mind-kontrol and dark occult symbolism in the entertainment we are embracing?

Ariana Grande’s Cry For Help – MK Ultra Mind Control (Time 15:46) at

Is our present day seduction with image and spectacle also a déjà vu from circa 6000 years ago?

All the World’s Become a Stage (The Déjà Vus of Occult Seduction)4

Time to WAKE-UP??