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There’s a Link, You Say!! You Think?

(Copy of an email sent this day, May 12, 2021)
“Jagmeet Singh says there’s a link between anti-maskers and far-right extremism” (The Canadian Press headline)

TO: Jagmeet Singh, Rachel Notley, Justin Trudeau, Jason Kenney, Naheed Nenshi, (Theresa Tam, Deena Hinshaw), The Canadian Press, CBC, and all the other Canadian and global script readers.

Let’s take this Canadian Press (CP) headline story1 and follow the alleged link[s] from both sides of the divide as in the CP side versus the HP (Historical Press) side!

CP: “Jagmeet Singh says there’s a link between anti-maskers and far-right extremism.”

HP: Except the science and history of power proves the real link is between order-following maskers and far-winged (L or R) totalitarian regimes.2 (Consider Étienne de La Boétie!3)

CP: Jagmeet Singh says “To brazenly not follow public health guidelines puts people at risk and that is something that we’ve seen with extreme right-wing ideology.”

HP: Except to blindly follow public health guidelines [based on unsubstantiated, unscientific word, opinion, belief, flawed testing, flawed modelling, etc., etc.4 of deceived or complicit authorities and experts] puts people at risk and that is something we’ve seen with extreme-winged ideology and with numerous historical tyrannical regimes.

CP: “Singh said some of the people being drawn to recent protests are affiliated with far-right groups.”

HP: Except the science and history of power proves most of the people who are isolating, masking, vaxxing, snitching, trusting MSM & narrative-driven authorities, etc., etc., are being fear-driven with promises of safety and security by order-followers of deceptive, control-obsessed powers.

CP: [Jagmeet] “said he sees a link between those refusing to follow public-health advice and the ideologies of the extreme right because both show a disregard for the well-being of others and put people at risk.”

HP: Except the science and history of power proves there is a solid link between those blindly following public-health advice and the ideologies [and agendas] of extreme-wings because both show a disregard for the present and future well-being of others and put people at extreme risk of losing personal autonomy and integrity by surviving a highly survivable disease.5

CP: “Singh said refusing to listen to COVID-19 health orders is dangerous and needs to be called out.” 

HP: Except the science and history of power abuse proves that refusing to acknowledge prolific evidence that undermines health orders and assumptions AS IN:6

1) lab origin of COVID and its variants;
2) existence of COVID patents;
3) unproven efficacy of masks and mandates;
4) media saturation of pscience7 claims & opinions over science facts;
5) non-reporting of cycle threshold values can greatly exacerbate case counts;8
6) ignoring motives for and ease of deliberate contamination and transmission;
7) the “do-nothing” crisis strategy for symptomatics, except for orders “to isolate and if you get worse, go at the hospital”;9
8) denial of prophylactics like Ivermectin;10 etc.

is dangerous and highly unethical and needs to be called out.

As to Mayor Naheed’s complaint against “thinly veiled white nationalist, supremacist anti-government protests”science, history, and observation prove that resisters to tyranny and mendacity come from every nation, race, and tongue. Many resisters know the science and history of the obsessive pursuit and abuse of power. They see COVID 19 for what it is: the déjà vu use of disease and fear to achieve mind-numbing control.

And in compliance with their Bernaysian,11 scripted, psy-op role, the CP, CBC, and others finish up with this added link of implied “hate”:

CP: “And last month, a deputy director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network noted more conspiracy theorists and far-right groups were attaching themselves to the anti-lockdown and anti-mask movement.”

So, the strategy is: if you can’t negatively label peaceful resisters, then negatively link them12 and soon, order-followers will see all resisters as dangerous heretics opposing the “one and only allowed” narrative.

Bonus word of caution to order-followers and script readers: Be sure that no one brings up the 1960s experiments of Stanley Milgram.13

So, I end with this email plea to the addressees: It is tragic that none of you seem able to process history or to have the courage to expose the lies and crimes or to end the cruelty that has been scripted for you. Except, no matter what your reason for blindness or complicity, you still have choice to end “not seeing.”

Sincerely, SMSmith

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