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Several things have been cycling through my mind since a recent Thanksgiving conversation—thoughts about world and spiritual conditions that I have been studying for decades (and which most of the people I know are not prepared to hear).

A friend spoke about transgender persons and his feelings of compassion for them, but I have wondered if understanding WHY our world is experiencing an explosion of gender rejection and of Dissociative Identity Disorders (DID) is even more vital than expressing compassion that does not explore cause. So I address the rest of this post to my friend.

Maybe you don’t believe there is a cause, but would you if you knew there have been science and medical programs in place for over 60 years that experimented with dissociation and its usefulness to powers and governments. These were trauma-based mind control projects. One of the most “renowned” was the U.S.-based MKUltra project.1 (Please read the link. It is not too long.)

But even before MKUltra, others knew that trauma could cause dissociation between mind, body, feelings, and memory. Trauma has also been used by pedophile rings (which are rampant worldwide) to fragment children so that they lose the ability to recall repetitive mental, physical, and sexual abuse. Sometimes, fragmented personalities are programmed to adopt various ages and genders, with completely different tastes, preferences, behaviors, and skills; programmed to be unaware of alternate personalities; and to be controlled by handlers with trigger words or events.2 The traumas are often structured to be so fantastical that any inadvertent recall would not be believed; and when necessary, false reports are interspersed and conflated with truth in order to discredit any proceedings. Trauma sometimes begins when children are even infants. And sometimes the fragmentation just happens without an abuser intending it.

Over the years, experimental and other addict- or cult-based trauma programs have been inflicted upon many generations of families, and it is estimated that millions worldwide have become DID victims/DID perpetrators passing down through the generations.

Maybe you want to reject or dismiss all this, as so many do—some out of fear; some out of disbelief because they cannot or will not recognize the reality of such evil; some because the “I want—I think—I feel” mantra has replaced values and principles of empathy, compassion, humility, love, integrity, and truth. Too many say, “Live and let live” without seeming to care how many are not living, but suffering and dying because we live in fear or denial.

I don’t know the space you are in right now, but it is highly unlikely that we will ever understand this present world without understanding the prevalence and purposes of trauma-based mind control. Yet, most people, including reporters, academics, pastors, politicians, and professionals of all stripes are utterly naive or dismissive about what has been repeatedly witnessed—the magnitude of mental, physical, spiritual, and sexual trauma that has been, and is still being deliberately inflicted worldwide for a variety of purposes.

As it is, we seem so inundated with opinions, theories, biases, feelings, and tolerances about everything while we ignore credible witnesses and therapists who know and have experienced the realities of T-BMC?

As well, we too often reject, in knee-jerk fashion, anything that is mocked as “conspiracy” when almost the entirety of world history is (by mere observation and study) a déjà vu of conspiracy upon conspiracy of those pursuing or protecting power, privilege, and gain?3

The consequences of trauma are beginning to reap their horrible harvest worldwide; and so few are prepared with the gifts and knowledge of healing,4 or with the power to prevent further horrors. I have wondered in recent months if your life experiences, your creative gifts, and your passion to know and understand things have been preparing you for a time when the consequences of deliberately inflicted trauma finally explode upon the world.

I know you are struggling with understanding this life experience. You are not alone. Thousands have struggled for years, including even Mother Teresa, but this I can witness for myself. In my own decades of searching for answers and understanding, I have listened to and read hundreds of theories and opinions, including from militant atheists like Richard Dawkins (scientist) and Sam Harris (philosopher / neuroscientist) and have found that the dogma, controls, and programming that many reject in religion are manifest in equal degree in nigh every sphere of human knowledge, especially science, medicine, and academics. Many highly educated professionals, in my experience and observation, seem as authoritarian-bound to their secular beliefs as believers are to their sects; and are just as hostile to anything that questions their theories, opinions, vested interests, or standard models. The history of scientific discovery tells that tale. Consider even the recent struggles of Vaxxed and of the Electric Universe/Plasma model; or of the tragedy surrounding Tesla’s free energy. It is quite eye-opening to study how often in history, science has sold itself for power, prestige, and profit—YET we don’t throw the babies out with the bathwater. Many honest scientists persist against great odds to “prove all things (eventually) and hold fast to that which is good [and true]” (1 Thess. 5:21). Should we do any less when pursing the truths of religion?

For years I demanded a rational God—one who made sense. He never conformed to my demands, so I kept studying and writing and here are two of my explorations that might help as we both try to avoid “being wrong” in the choices we are making.

God is Not Rational5
Man vs. God6

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