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Too BIG. (OHHH, Déjà Vu!)

HSBC.1 “Too big to fail! Too big to jail!”

Wasn’t that the paradigm of Assyria? Babylon? Persia? Greece? Rome? And most of the corrupt popes, priests, kings, and tyrants of yesteryear? And now our BIG corporations recycling the follies of hubris and privilege (with the assist of governmental authorities). And where are all the predecessors of our BIG paradigm? Broken remnants in the dust?

And where have we seen HSBC before? Agreeing to pay a record 1.9 billion-dollar fine for its most recent crimes (money-laundering) so it can maintain stability and the confidence of its investors and shareholders! It joins almost every BIG (respectable? indispensable?) corporation on the planet. Just google “corporate fines and settlements” and ask: “Déjà vu what? The sale of indulgences? The Ancien Régime?2 The historically ubiquitous delusions and machinations of BIG power and money?”

We must be living in the most unobservant age that ever was! We have access to more information and wisdom than any time in history, and instead of evolving as human beings, we sequester behind faux-persons, recycle folly, and in due course cast ourselves upon the accumulations of dust and debris.

Just consider Hank Greenberg3, a former HyPE (highly paid employee) of AIG and current shareholder. Just consider all of us mesmerized by BIG power, BIG fame, BIG wealth. Are we evolving or are we in a state of spiritual and mental entropy?

1) HSBC:
2) A system of privilege, power, elitism, authority, and wealth that has survived, in some form or other, every attempt at reformation. One of its most current renditions resides with the militant atheists who are trying to boot religion of the pedestal of elitism and privilege so they can ascend with their own (rational?) substitute version of “the old ways” (about which this writer will elaborate in a coming post).
3) Hank Greenberg: and many other sites. Just google “Hank Greenberg” if you want a range of opinions.