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Too Much Strange Fire and Power-Plays

Titled: Rain Forest Fire
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Below is a copy of an email sent this PM to Premier Smith and four Alberta Cabinet Ministers concerning another proposed extension of power into local matters. This parachuting of authoritarian “experts” into crisis areas is getting out-of-hand. Locals are mostly cut out of the decision-loop to protect their and others’ properties. They are forced to watch needless burning (and sometimes strange burning) and are often threatened with prosecution if they don’t obey the fire “authorities,” — except where did these “imported authorities” get their authority? Not from the People. Not from the locals. These “experts” are often perfect strangers to the locale. And soon, their imported fire-fighters who just follow-orders will be dispersed and shipped home or to the next crisis where they might sometimes speak in hushed tones about absurdities and peculiarities of strange fire.

When are we going to wake-up to the agenda of devastation being perpetrated and exacerbated? Many of these servitors of devastation are just blind, mindless “assets” of the puppet-masters. We and some of our government leaders have been too naïve, blind, and deaf to “power” realities or too afraid to speak the truths we already know or would know if we had the courage to see what is in plain sight.**

Anyway, here is another email appeal for rights, freedoms, and jurisdictions sent today, May 14, 2024:

Greetings: Premier Smith, Minister Ellis (PSES); Minister Loewen (Forestry/Parks); Minister Schulz (EPA); Minister Amery (Justice)

I am a strong supporter of Alberta Strong and Free, THUS, I have grave concerns about this alleged UCP “new emergencies bill”* because several years ago, during a grass fire emergency, our rural locals were treated as anything but strong and free. We experienced a takeover by “parachuted” experts and enforcers who cavalierly and with hubris cut locals out of the response and protection of their and their neighbours’ properties and livestock. A command-centre set up by affected locals to keep information flowing and to coordinate volunteer help was ignored by the “powers.”

Local men and women — many of whom are Renaissance people of a myriad skills and creativity — who know the area, the livestock, and the wildlife — who frequently deal with and manage emergencies, were pretty much told to get lost; stay out of the way. They were emphatically told:

“IF we, the experts, want local help, we will tell you what, when, and how to do it, and when to stop doing it. And if you act outside our authority, there will be consequences.”

Roads were barricaded and monitored; areas restricted with an attitude of “We don’t need your local help, advice, suggestions, or arguments.” Heavy equipment and water-tanker trucks were volunteered by locals, including Hutterite colonies, but were told to park equipment until requested, which they never did, while a nearby home and outbuildings were needlessly burned to the ground. The incompetence and hubris of some “authorities” was astonishing and infuriating. And this is not the first-time locals have had to deal with such authoritarianism in a crisis.

Many of these locals are of pioneer stock who have had more life- and crisis-experience than most government-hired experts. If a crisis requires help beyond the local, the requested help should come in with the question: “What help do you need? We are here to consult on how best to assist you under your direction.”

Granted, in a crisis there are degrees of chaos, and a need for unified direction, but the authoritarianism exercised against rural property owners in so many fire events in recent years has been shocking and alarming. We do not need “authorities” who exacerbate losses because they are just following orders from some distant, endless, anonymous hierarchy or who think their plan is the only viable plan.

Many times, in this increasingly crisis-prone world, we may need outside help, but we do not expect or want hubris or harassment. The Province must not give itself unilateral authority to parachute into a “crisis.” Local peoples and local authorities know what a crisis is. If they ask for help, they must always have the authority to direct or countermand any help that comes.

Do not do to Locals what the Feds are doing to Alberta, usurping and disrespecting rights, freedoms, skills, and creativity.

Now as concerning the other municipality issue concerning elected officials: granted, the Province may have broader rights vis-à-vis municipalities as these are creations of the Province, BUT the people are not creations of the Province. If an MD, County, or urban/rural council has issues with elected officials that cannot be locally resolved, then let the legislation provide a consultative process with the Province for accountability, not a unilateral power-play by the Province.

And please, please, please do not politicize urban or rural councils. We do NOT need or want more politicization of public servants. Party politics always, always, always (over time and human nature) descends into a tyranny of party conformity. That is the ubiquitous nature of power and politics.

And lastly, please remember: you are servants of a democratic ideal (the sovereignty of the people), NOT masters in a domination system.



This appears to be the same type of Control Bill that was “shot down” several years ago by citizen protest.

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