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Understanding Make-Believe*

If you are one of those stymied by the claims of make-believe* women or make-believe* men, or, on the other hand, if you are one of those caught up in sympathy, empathy, and affirmation for agonizing gender-dysphoria, listen to the following and see if you can spot the repeating patterns in the various crisis narratives that fill our media from climate to COVID to gender to WO, and beyond.

So many narratives now seem compulsory with counter-narratives immediately dismissed as phobic, racist, false, conspiracy-theory, myopic, dangerous, insensitive, etc., etc. But if one wants to understand why the garden-path of “make-believe” is so full of passionate, narrative defenders, including (former?) family, friends, and colleagues, one will perhaps find the precise understanding here:

Ivor Cummns with Mattias Desmet | Ep150 Stunning: My Most Important Interview Yet – HOW Covid Happened (July 7, 2022 | Time 1:10:39) at

See also:

Someday perhaps, when secrets are exposed, investigators and fact finders will reveal the roots of the 21st Century explosion of gender dysphoria.

*Make-believe Definition: By assuming or appropriating the dress, rights, and norms of a gender opposite to my DNA (XX or XY) and my genitalia, I expect to make you believe that I am whatever gender I declare myself to be. You must affirm my choice — “my truth” — even if it contradicts your truth (derived from history, science, observation, experience, common sense, and reason).