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We Told You So

To the many debunkers / mockers of “conspiracy theories”:

Perhaps it is time to reconsider world history and ask:

▪  why so many fiction and movie plots deal in conspiracy and secret combinations?

▪  why the same applies to many, many nonfiction books and documentaries?

▪  why so many investigations and court cases reveal secret works to achieve criminal or deceptive agendas?

AND perhaps it is way past time to finally admit that there are more people without conscience (PWOCs) in this world (and throughout history) than we would like to admit whose driving purpose in life is/was to become rich, powerful, or famous at any cost, OR who are/were possessed by a spirit of domination and/or cruelty.

Below is a concise account of some formerly mocked “conspiracy theories” that have now been admitted and proven to have, in deed and fact, been real conspiracies. So the 64M$ question is: Which of the so-called “conspiracy theories” being mocked today will, in due course, be admitted and proven? And the bigger question? how much unconscionable experimentation, crime, corruption, and suffering could have been prevented if we had recognized and admitted at the outset how repetitive conspiracy and secret combinations have been throughout human history? How long must we romanticize the conscienceless pursuit and protection of power, gain, and fame? How many déjà vus till we slap our foreheads and admit: Most of the “tin-foilers” were right-on-the-money?

Episode 356 – Top 5 “Conspiracy Theories” That Turned Out To Be True
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