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Weaponizing Stress?

For nigh 100 years, numerous scientists have been exhaustively studying man and his mind. Some have had genuine, empathic purpose; many others have been co-opted or had their research co-opted for purposes of manipulation and control. The documented witnesses are numerous (a few notated in “resources” below), but here is a short video that exposes the deliberate weaponizing of stress:

Leaked Psychological Study – Stress is Big Business (Time 19:20) at

How do we think we can avoid the manipulations and controls, if we don’t even know they exist?

One more WAKE-UP call!

An additional, fascinating, award-winning documentary about social engineering and mind manipulation is worth every minute:

The Minds of Men | Official Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes (Truthstream Media) (Time 3:42:34) at

If this link disappears from YouTube, search for it by a new YouTube search, or find it at the TSM website at or perhaps access it in an apparently shorter version at Vimeo On Demand at

RESOURCES that will enlighten as to the reality of manipulation and control agendas:
●  Bloom, Howard. The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History.
●  E, Elisa. Our Life Beyond MKULTRA, Book 1 (& Book 2).
●  Hall, John. Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control.
●  Horn, Thomas; Horn, Nita. Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Human Enhancement Herald The Dawn Of TechnoDimensional Spiritual Warfare.
●  McCoy, Alfred W.. The CIA’s Secret Research on Torture: How Psychologists Helped Washington Crack the Code of Human Consciousness.
●  Meerloo, Dr. Joost A. M.. The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing.
●  Monteith, Dr. Stanley. Brotherhood of Darkness.
●  O’Brien, Cathy. ACCESS DENIED For Reasons Of National Security: Documented Journey From CIA Mind Control Slave To U.S. Government Whistleblower.
●  Ross M.D., Colin A.. The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations By American Psychiatrists.
●  Ross M.D., Colin A.. Military Mind Control: A Story of Trauma and Recovery.
●  Rutz, Carol. A Nation Betrayed: Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on our Children and Other Innocent People.
●  Scura, John; Phillips, Dane. Battle Hymn: Revelations of the Sinister Plan for a New World Order.
●  Simpson, Christopher. Science of Coercion: Communication Research & Psychological Warfare, 1945–1960 (Forbidden Bookshelf)
●  Zimbardo, Philip. The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil.