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What is Your SICO* Score?

▪ *Social Index Credit Offender

▪ *SICO may be pronounced in rhyme with FICO,1 or, if one prefers, in rhyme with sick — both pronunciations being in memoriam of those who devised the idea of a social credit score!

Undoubtedly, every one of us already has a SICO score (or maybe several, depending on the politics and algorithms of the score compiler), though it is unlikely we will ever have the right to a free annual report, or even an acknowledgement that such scores exist. China is not so reticent.

China Banning People From Transit for Bad “Social Credit” Scores (corbettreport: Time 7:20 min.) at

Unlike China, European and American democracies prefer to keep their SICO score-sheets under the radar. Although most social-index-credit-offenders soon come to know they have been targeted for reprisal / harassment,2 it has taken many years for targeting to come into public awareness because democracies and republics like to

»   keep-up-appearances by harassing in secret;
»   use MSM monopolies to keep Orwellian prescience as unreported as possible;
»   mock, malign, mislabel, misreport, and outright lie if word inadvertently leaks out about targeting;
»   sometimes falsely create “offenders” to deflect honest investigation from things as they really are;
»   individualize instead of socialize the agenda of defamation and destruction as much as possible because isolated targets generally have less enduring power than groups and more difficulty accessing public platforms;
»   etc., etc.

So what do you think? is your score high or low? With all the data vacuuming that has been underway for decades, the full measure of our wakefulness, biases, passions, persuasions, apathies, likes, dislikes, fears, finances, friends, associates, sins, crimes, misdemeanours, omissions, commissions, lapses, influence, integrity, strengths, weaknesses, etc., etc. are pretty much a keystroke away from powerful private, public, national, and global entities.

In compiling scores, the prime question is likely: Has this person offended or will they likely offend power and gain agendas? That pretty much describes the entire sum of power-plays in world history. Every tyrant or cabal of tyrants who ever lived could only dream of the power and gain that modern technology has put into the hands of SICO tabulators.

In North America, we may not yet be forced from trains, buses, planes, or roadways because of SICO scores, but more and more free-thinkers, and -speakers are finding:

▪ how easy it is to offend the social matrix of Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and similar media quasi-monopolies; as well as, airport, border, and government officials3;
▪ how time-consuming and costly it can be to appeal their bans, strikes, accusations, entry-denials, detentions, and deportations;
▪ how chilling it is to future speech, criticism, and accountability;
▪ how surreal, yet utterly real, it has all become.

Let us wake-up and object with every fibre, meme, and faculty.

Stop the SICO indexing!

[See “Social Index Credit Offender / Obedient” update at]

* I originally termed it Social (Intel) Credit Offender, but subsequently decided to use Index in place of (Intel) on 20 October 2018.
For info on the treatment of targeted individuals read / search the testimonies of Sharyl Attkisson, Robyn Gritz, George Webb, Sibel Edmonds, et al. al. al. and review YouTube videos of gangstalking and organized stalking.
3. Recent examples: Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner, Lauren Southern detained and deported from the UK.