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When FICO becomes SICO

[Caution: Reading this may negatively impact your SICO+ score.]

If you haven’t yet heard, our “financial” credit score (FICO) is about to merge with our online social and browsing history. We will be ranked (and potentially yanked) according to whether we are a Socially Indexed Credit Obedient (SICO+) OR a Socially Indexed Credit Offender (SICO) — SICO positive | SICO negative.1 So says the International Monetary Fund (in more or less different words):

Headline: IMF says your internet search history to be used to set credit scores2

We will be indexed (like a book) and put into an online (sometimes public) catalogue to increase order, stability, and pressure points.

And as soon as it can be finalized, our crypto-online wallet (COW) will be SICO-linked. And with the proposed Universal Basic Income (UBI), it will work like a cash cow (without the cash) as long as the SICO is positive. This also creates order, stability, and pressure points — another perfect World Order (WO) strategy.

If one wants to get a jump on calculating a coming SICO score, Moc ‘n Dox3 has drafted a free score sheet. It can be used for self-analysis even though it was drafted for use by the powers. Moc ‘n Dox does everything free for the powers because free (or almost free) has become their principle acquisition strategy. (See Opportunity Zones,4 aka OZs. And yes, OZs were inspired by and are akin to The Wizard … himself.)

If you are curious about OZs and their link to AZs (Autonomous / Antifa Zones as instruments of deconstruction and acquisition), check out C.A. Fitts:

The Great Reset Small Businesses Riots Covid Opportunity Zones5

SPREAD the word on OZs and AZs. Opportunities like this may never come again to buy-up damaged assets for pennies on the dollar value, if you have planned ahead with a Qualified OZ Fund! And it seems one is pretty much free to do what one wants in the land of OZ, (maybe even impact washing6 and money laundering — seeing as how cleanliness is next to godliness and seeing as how godliless always favors gain!).

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