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Whose voice should we trust?

We are presented every day with two witnesses: one is a mega-corp whose bottom line is power and profit; the other, a researcher / investigator whose career and reputation is subject to destruction if s/he reveals unwelcome truths about the mega-corp, as in this example:

FULL MEASURE: January 6, 2019 – The Vaccination Debate (Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson) (Time 10:51) at

So why do we put up with the lies, distortions, stunts, sycophants, and rampant psychopathy of these mega-corps: like the vaccine industry (and lobby)? Why do otherwise rational people (like politicians, governors, etc.) spout the mega-corp propaganda as if history were not also a déjà vu witness of how the obsessive pursuit of gain will distort and corrupt every truth.

The simple truths of vaccine have been so corrupted for the sake of power and gain, that every thinking soul should KNOW that the voice (and puppet voices) of the vaccine industry CANNOT be trusted in any degree. And any politician or spokesperson who accepts money from the industry cannot be trusted either. Plain and simple. If we can’t figure out the voices we should trust, then I suppose we shall continue to reap the “rewards” of trusting in lies and liars.