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AC 180

(va: The Ann Coulter Conversion)Sondra’s telephone call came before I was ready to face the day. My clock read 5:21 AM. “I’m not here,” I mumbled into the receiver. “You will not believe what just happened to me!” she exclaimed. (The enthusiasm in her voice seemed unhealthy for such an early hour.) “Oh, I know …

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The Romance of Ayn Rand

(OR: Ayn Rand Romanticized) Mark Sanford, the recently beleaguered Republican governor of South Carolina, presented his pitch for the current relevance of Ayn Rand in Newsweek, November 2, 2009. He wrote, “What strikes me as still relevant is [The Fountainhead’s] central insight—that it isn’t ‘collective action’ that makes this nation prosperous and secure; it’s the …

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