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ECON 006 ~ Graphic Proof

~ If you really want the “right” side-up of GOP deficit records, visit and also check out the links to government and other sites. The Ten Trillion Dollar Question: Is 30 years of data not enough to prove that deficit reduction is a promise devoid of substance or intention?

With Their Lips …1

(OR Why it is PAST TIME to abandon the Republican/conservative “read my lips” allegiance) Note: This is not a back-hand endorsement of liberals or Democrats. They have their own endangering (and often similar) failures. Rather, this is a voice of warning concerning those who present themselves as the last-gasp “saviors” and “guardians” of liberty and …

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Beware the Optimates!

After nearly four centuries of Republican government, Rome began its century-long descent toward tyranny1 beginning about 133 BC with the murder of the Gracchus brothers.2 Perhaps the chief facilitator of that descent was the conservative/traditionalist group of elites in the Roman Senate—a group that came to be dubbed the optimates (“the best”).3 They claimed to …

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AC 180

(va: The Ann Coulter Conversion)Sondra’s telephone call came before I was ready to face the day. My clock read 5:21 AM. “I’m not here,” I mumbled into the receiver. “You will not believe what just happened to me!” she exclaimed. (The enthusiasm in her voice seemed unhealthy for such an early hour.) “Oh, I know …

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The Speed of Emotion

“In The Making of the President, 1960,[1] Teddy White lamented that TV might spell the death of serious politics: to give a thoughtful response to serious questions, a politician needed a good thirty seconds to ponder, but television allowed only five seconds of silence at best. DDB [the ad agency of Doyle Dane Bernbach[2]] found …

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▪ Free of civility so anyone can say anything in passionate defense of one-sidedness.1▪ Free to demand that the American eagle fly as a one-winged bird.2▪ Free of laws and regulations so every business and financial institution can be a profiteer and scrutineer unto itself.3▪ Free of memory so the re-cycling of “boom and bust” …

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