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Our Own Worst Enemy?

This speech, “The President and the Press,” was given 27 April 1961 before The American Newspaper Publishers Association. It posed, amongst others matters, the dilemma every administration has faced of balancing openness with security/secrecy concerns. It is a speech for our day: JFK … Speech (full version) (Time 19:43) at But the part that …

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Making ROME Great Again!?!

The Trump Card (Updated) by Walter Veith1 (Time 52:37) The Pope calls for Protestants, Orthodox, and Catholics to “move beyond divisions (Time 1:39 min.) at ;Pope Francis: communion with Orthodox, without conditions (Time 3:01) at Bishop Tony Palmer[2] and Pope Francis – The Miracle of Unity Has Begun (Time 33:49) at Walter Veith …

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Faux Rogue Repeat?

Several years ago, the US was courted by two faux rogues and in this most recent go-round (&-round &-round), it seems a third “rogue” has arisen—endorsed now by the second.1 So, in review, here is the “Rogue Repeat.” Rogue (as defined by some) is to BE everything “Washington, DC” is NOT; as in honest, true, chaste, …

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P-Con 001 ~ Enough & To Spare (Or Not) !

(P-Con = sketch-stories exploring the déjà vu of Power, Publicity, PR, & Propoganda Concerns.) This sketch-story was inspired while watching “Donald Trump’s Golf War” documentary, aired on “The Passionate Eye” – CBC News Network, Sunday, March 20, 2011; available for ONLY a limited time at