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“My Word”

(A repost from Déjà Vu~TimesTwo blog*) “CERN’s LHC [Large Hadron Collider1] resumes experiments at record-breaking energy: New research seeks to understand dark matter and supersymmetry” (CBC ~ June 3, 2015).2 Aerial View of the CERNThis photograph was produced by CERNCreative Commons licence ~ CC-BY-SA(See footnote 8 for author and URL source) **********************3 And I, God, …

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Gods ?

St. Paul’s Chapel & World Trade CenterPublic Domain ~ See footnote 6 for source If we were accused of believing in the God that George Washington and the first U. S. Congress invoked to bless the United States, following Washington’s April 30, 1789 inauguration,1 would there be enough evidence to convict us? Perhaps the best (or worst) …

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A Plea to Therapists, Everywhere

(Especially to non-prescribing Marriage and Family Counselors) ▫  You may have had years of experience.▫  You may believe your skills are sufficient for every (or almost every) case.▫  You may or may not be a believer in psychotropic drug therapies.▫  You may feel you keep up-to-date with advancements in your professional field.▫  You may have …

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Washout ?

(Re-viewing psychotropic drugs) Washout 4. (informal) 1. a total failure or disaster 2. an incompetent person ( 3. dose tapering of medication to more safely discontinue its use or to (ostensibly) eliminate its effects before commencing a different treatment regime (source: industry idiom1) But perhaps we should expand the meaning of “washout” as we consider: …

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