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Adam Smith’s Open Letter* to Former-President George W. Bush (et al.)

(*First published in 1759 in anticipation of many presidencies, and also includes Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens, and other heads of state; therefore Mr. Bush is not the first to receive this open letter, nor shall he be the last. It’s all déjà vu for Mr. Smith.)[Dear Mr. Former-President:] [I, Adam Smith, first published this observation …

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Mr. Smith [is desperately needed in] Washington*

(*AND Beijing, Berlin, Brazalia, Cairo, Canberra, Damascus, Harare, Havana, Jakarta, Khartoum, Kingston, Kinshasa, Lima, London, Madrid, Manila, Moscow, New Dehli, Oslo, Ottawa, Paris, Riyadh, Rome, Santiago, Seoul, Stockholm, Tegucigalpa, Tehran, Tokyo, Warsaw, and every other place inbetween that is feeling the pressure of extremes from laissez-faire ideology to command economies; AND in every corporate boardroom) …

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Promises, Promises

By lavish self-presentation, BK is a b-b[1] oilman; though by comparison to the BM-types[2], BK is of the bottom-rung variety. He began a dream-project—a massive, corporate retreat for b-b comrades who were said to crave a western, cowboy experience on a big ranch. BK bought sections of land on a river; fenced it with miles …

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To my good niece

(Thoughts sparked by her questions and struggles) Who are you? Freaking Job? Probably more than you know! The problem is, most of us don’t have the first idea of who Job really was. We hear “the patience of Job,” or “the faith of Job” and cast him-and-his-faithful-patience into the rising heap of our own failures. …

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Sticky Notes for Politicians*

*(et us all) Collateral damage is not collateral to those who are damaged. Stop sound-biting. Fact check talking points. End the free-market charades. Reflective is better than reflexive. Listening is more efficiently effective than talking. Ask not what your enemies are doing to you, but what you are doing to yourself. Remember the Pharisees.

Déjà Vu Eden

Seven-second drama by SMSmith, playwrightAdam & Eve (et all thereafter): “Oh, what are we to do?” Voice (Off-stage): “Just put one foot in front of the other, and try not to slip on your tears.”