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How bad is it?

Perhaps this informal discussion between two investigative reporters / researchers will help us begin to understand how little most of us know about the 80 plus years of inter-generational corruption, crimes, and hidden agendas that have brought us to this day and age: Video UPDATE: Saturday Morning Chat with George Webb: Epstein’s pilots, Donald Barr, …

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We Told You So

To the many debunkers / mockers of “conspiracy theories”:Perhaps it is time to reconsider world history and ask: ▪  why so many fiction and movie plots deal in conspiracy and secret combinations? ▪  why the same applies to many, many nonfiction books and documentaries? ▪  why so many investigations and court cases reveal secret works …

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The Two-edged Sword of Technology?

In this age of masterful deception, we have been put on notice: DON’T trust what you will be seeing and hearing in coming days! A new ‘arms race’: How the U.S. military is spending millions to fight fake images The warning comes, courtesy of the MIC, aka, the Military Industrial Complex1 — a complex that …

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Another Bitter [Red*] Pill to Swallow?

(Another Ray of Hope?) Episode 846 ~ Explosive CTM Full interview – Robert [Cody] Snodgreswith John B. Wells (Time: 2:33:34) at What will we choose? —————/* Note: If this episode vanishes from YouTube, as is more frequently the case now with unwelcome exposés, just search for other interviews with Robert (Cody) Snodgres.

Gangster State? US?

Two / three more witnesses to reality? Will we finally listen? Is it worth our time to get informed? You decide. Caravan To Midnight – Episode 535 Dr. Paul Craig Roberts & Joel Richardson (Time: 3:14:13) at If this was the state of things two years ago (particularly as described by Dr. Roberts), what …

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Beyond Naïve?

More and more we hear “opinionators” wax eloquent about the need to rid modern society of the plague of false / fake news, fantasies, “crackpotism” and conspiracy theorists. Today’s example was broadcast on CBC’s “The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright” found at Here Kurt Andersen, author, journalist, and interviewee, critiques (with some justification) the …

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