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How bad is it?

Perhaps this informal discussion between two investigative reporters / researchers will help us begin to understand how little most of us know about the 80 plus years of inter-generational corruption, crimes, and hidden agendas that have brought us to this day and age: Video UPDATE: Saturday Morning Chat with George Webb: Epstein’s pilots, Donald Barr, …

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We Told You So

To the many debunkers / mockers of “conspiracy theories”:Perhaps it is time to reconsider world history and ask: ▪  why so many fiction and movie plots deal in conspiracy and secret combinations? ▪  why the same applies to many, many nonfiction books and documentaries? ▪  why so many investigations and court cases reveal secret works …

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The Two-edged Sword of Technology?

In this age of masterful deception, we have been put on notice: DON’T trust what you will be seeing and hearing in coming days! A new ‘arms race’: How the U.S. military is spending millions to fight fake images The warning comes, courtesy of the MIC, aka, the Military Industrial Complex1 — a complex that …

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Another Bitter [Red*] Pill to Swallow?

(Another Ray of Hope?) Episode 846 ~ Explosive CTM Full interview – Robert [Cody] Snodgreswith John B. Wells (Time: 2:33:34) at What will we choose? —————/* Note: If this episode vanishes from YouTube, as is more frequently the case now with unwelcome exposés, just search for other interviews with Robert (Cody) Snodgres.