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Problem | Setup | Reaction | Solution

[combining the Stanley Milgram (SME-1961), Stanford Prison (SPE-1971) Experiments??] PROBLEM: THE 99% SETUP: 1) recruit the labcoats (Stanley Milgram Experiment); 2) “flood the zone” with labcoat “authority”; 3) censor, smear, intimidate, disparage all opponents / critics; REACTION: 65% believe in the labcoats with “shocking” submission to “authority”; SOLUTION (expected): 65% believers = enough enforcers to …

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It Can’t Happen Here?!

Eighty-five years ago (1935), the American author Sinclair Lewis published a political novel titled, It Can’t Happen Here. This is Wiki’s description: The novel was published during the heyday of fascism in Europe, which was reported on by Dorothy Thompson, Lewis’ wife. The novel describes the rise of Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip, a demagogue who is elected President of the United …

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Just-ifying Tyranny

The original source of this “It’s just a mask” post* appears to be Abraham Jacob.* It summarizes in snippets how we have been led, censored, and constrained — link on just-ifying link. “It’s just a mask. It’s just six feet. It’s just two weeks. It’s just non-essential businesses. It’s just non-essential workers. It’s just a …

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NewCon-002: NO Fake News No More

NO, of course the BIG Corp MSM would never propagate fake news (FN). And NO, the numerous proven, CiA-asset anchors and reporters would never lie to or propagandize US … EXCEPT: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”1 William Casey, CiA Director (1981-1987 | sourced quote*) “We …

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A Gift Horse …?

(to Ourselves & thus the WO?) *Source info below Yes, People of the World, it seems we have given ourselves a gift horse — a Trojan — packed full of psychopaths, their sycophants, obedients, and naïveténts. For decades, we have let sycophants and psychopaths continue in power (re-electing many of them, time after time) despite their …

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COVID ~ Covert?

A commentor at “The Last American Vagabond” put it succinctly: Economic collapse hidden behind a pandemic….. Martial laws hidden behind quarantine…. Racial & religious discrimination hidden behind health travel restrictions.[1] Is it not stunning to witness the power of one small virus (with 5 alleged variants) to lock-step nigh 7.8 billion people into a scenario …

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